Bugzy Malone Net Worth, Biography, Religion, Family, Girlfriend, Age

Bugzy Malone is a British rapper and actor from Manchester, England. He is one of the most successful grime artists in the UK, and has released several albums and EPs that have charted in the top 10. In this article, we will explore his biography, religion, family, girlfriend, net worth, age and career.


Bugzy Malone was born as Aaron Daniel Davies on 20 December 1990 in Manchester, England. He grew up in a poverty-stricken family of criminals, and started engaging in criminal activities at the age of 11. He was expelled from secondary school when he was 14, and was sent to prison when he was 16. After leaving prison, he took up boxing as a hobby and a way to avoid crime. He also developed an interest in rapping, and was inspired by the influential “Risky Roadz” DVD series that featured artists like Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and Skepta. He began rapping with his friends over instrumentals played from their mobile phones, and got the nickname “Bugz” from his gang members. He later changed it to “Bugzy Malone” when he was serving his prison sentence.


Bugzy Malone has not publicly revealed his religious beliefs or affiliation. However, some of his songs suggest that he may have some faith in God or a higher power. For example, in his song “Beauty and the Beast”, he raps: “I pray to God every night before I go to sleep / And I thank him for my life cause I know it’s unique”. In another song, “Moving”, he says: “I’m just tryna make it to heaven / Cause I’ve been living in hell”. He also has a tattoo of a cross on his chest, which could indicate some Christian influence.

Bugzy Malone


Bugzy Malone has a complicated family background. He never met his biological father in his childhood, and saw his stepfather as a role model until his parents divorced due to domestic abuse. He was influenced by his family members who were involved in criminal activities, including his uncle whose murder he witnessed. He also has a younger brother who suffers from autism. Bugzy Malone has said that he loves his family despite their flaws, and that he wants to make them proud of him.


Bugzy Malone is not married, but he has been in a long-term relationship with a woman who goes by the name of Boo-Boo on Instagram. They have been together for over nine years, and share a child together. Bugzy Malone proposed to her on 20 December 2019, which was also his birthday and their anniversary. He announced the engagement on his social media accounts, saying: “Because if you love her and she’s a real one bend the fucking knee! Not much scares me but after 9 years its time and I swear I was shook she said yes… Paris its been a pleasure…”. The couple have not revealed their wedding plans yet.

Net Worth

Bugzy Malone’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2023. He has earned most of his wealth from his music career, as well as from endorsements and merchandise sales. He has released four albums: B. Inspired (2018), The Resurrection (2021), The Bugzy Malone Show (2021) and The Bugzy Malone Show 2 (2021). All of them have reached the top 10 of the UK Albums Chart, with The Resurrection peaking at number 2. He has also released four EPs: Walk with Me (2015), Facing Time (2016), King of the North (2017) and M.E.N III (2020). Some of his most popular songs include “M.E.N”, “Watch Your Mouth”, “Moving”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Relegation Riddim”, “We Don’t Play” and “Run”.


Bugzy Malone is currently 32 years old. He was born on 20 December 1990, which makes him a Sagittarius.

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